While AT&T routers are powerful and easy to use, they are not free from errors. On the bright side, the LED indicators on the router can let you know when something is wrong. It is also common that you have come across the AT&T router blinking red issue once in a while. It is perhaps one of the most straightforward status lights. In this guide, I have explained how to fix this issue.

    Fixing AT&T Router Blinking Red Issue

    To fix the AT&T router blinking red issue, you can first restart your router and check for network outages. If the issue persists, you can factory reset your device and set everything up again. You can also contact tech support from AT&T for a replacement.

    Blinking Lights and Meaning on AT&T Routers

    Before we jump into the steps, it is better to understand what the blinking lights on an AT&T router mean. We do not want to bore you with an exhaustive list as it would include the steps you need for multiple AT&T router models. Instead, here is a quick look:

    • Blinking Red Light on your AT&T router means the router cannot connect to the internet. It may also refer to troubles with the router battery.
    • Blinking Green light on your AT&T router means the router is trying to connect to the internet. You will see this status when you turn on the router. It is best to wait for a few minutes.
    • Blinking Red/Green light means the router is updating its firmware. This process happens every once in a while and you should not disconnect or turn off the router.

    You have to keep in mind that these meanings are part of a general idea about AT&T routers. You can rely on these meanings as soon as you have BGW320, Pace 5268, NVG599, NVG589, and BGW320 models at your disposal. However, the specific lights for other models might vary. So, you should check the model number and the user manual if you come across a confusing combination of LED status lights.

    Blinking Lights and Meaning on AT&T Routers

    Potential Causes for AT&T Router Flashing Red Issue

    So, while a blinking red light on an AT&T router means that the router cannot connect to the internet, it does not point out the specific issue. Therefore, we must calculate the potential reasons behind the issue to fix it.

    • AT&T fiber outage in your area or across the country
    • Connection issues with your Ethernet cables
    • Issues with the power supply unit of the router
    • Your AT&T router could be overheating or overloaded
    • Additional hardware issues with the router
    • Problems with the fiber ONT or modem from AT&T

    As you can see, multiple reasons may cause the flashing red LED light on your AT&T router. Since we cannot be specific about any of these reasons, I recommend going for a systematic method.

    10 Effective Ways to Fix AT&T Router Blinking Red

    In this method, we will try to fix the most common issues before moving towards advanced ones. Therefore, if the issue can be solved with a system reboot or power cycling, you do not have to put in additional effort.

    #1 Reboot your AT&T Router

    As with most errors, the blinking red LED light can also be solved through a reboot. A hard reboot will solve temporary connection issues and allow the AT&T router to connect to the network.

    To reboot the AT&T Wi-Fi router, you can press the Power button. Alternatively, you can unplug the power cable, which would turn off the router. Then, when you reconnect the power cable, the router will turn back on.

    #2 Check Connection Cables

    If you still see a blinking red light after rebooting the router, you should check all the connection cables. One, you should check whether you have properly connected the Ethernet cable. Two, if there is a fiber ONT, it should also be connected to the Wi-Fi router properly.

    It is a good idea to restart your Wi-Fi router after you have checked all the cables. By the way, if you still use a coaxial internet connection from AT&T, you must check whether the cable is functioning alright.

    #3 Check the Power Supply and Power Cycle

    It is equally important to check whether your AT&T router receives the recommended power. Therefore, it is a must to use a compatible power supply system. It is ideal if you can use the power cable that came with the router. If that is not possible, you should check the power requirements of the router before proceeding.

    Equally helpful is power-cycling your router. This process takes your AT&T router through a form of software reset. In my experience, power cycling has resolved multiple issues as well. To power cycle your router, you have to disconnect all the cables, including the power cable.

    Then, you can reconnect these cables before connecting the power cable. The steps do not take more than a few minutes but they can effectively solve internet connection issues.

    #4 Check for AT&T Fiber Outage

    Before you go any further, you should check if there are AT&T fiber outages in your area. In worst cases, the ISP may face countrywide outages as well. If there is a network outage, you have to wait until it is solved. All these steps will not help you until that happens.

    You can find the current status of network outages through the official website of AT&T. It is equally a great way to stay ahead of any network outage that may disrupt your routine.

    #5 Run a Router Firmware Update

    Firmware issues with your router can also cause the blinking red status light. There are two sides here. One, you cannot intervene in this process. Router firmware updates are released by manufacturers or ISPs in the case of AT&T. Two, on the bright side, ISPs take good care of firmware-related issues.

    Router Firmware Update - ATT Router Blinking Red

    So, if you face the flashing red light issue with the AT&T router regularly, you should run a firmware update. You can do it by logging into the router dashboard > settings > firmware update. The update may take up to a few minutes, and it is important not to turn off the router in between.

    #6 Fix Overloading/Overheating Issues

    You should optimize the location of the AT&T router to avoid instances of overloading and overheating. It is also a good idea to check whether you have too many devices connected to the router. If you see a blinking red light when too many devices are on the network, you may want to reduce the number.

    #7 Check the ONT

    Often, the AT&T router blinking red issue has to deal with the connection ONT. So, you should check if the ONT is working properly. Once again, you may have to check the recommended LED lights from the manual. If you find an extensive problem with ONT, you may have to get technical support.

    #8 Factory-Reset Your AT&T Router

    If you find no issues with ONT but are still stuck with a red blinking light, the last resort is to factory reset your AT&T router. Since you may not have access to the network, we suggest the most straightforward way to reset your AT&T router.

    1. Locate the Reset button on the rear side of the router
    2. Use a paperclip or SIM ejector tool to press the button
    3. Hold the button for at least 10 seconds
    4. When the router lights start blinking, you can release it
    5. Now, wait until all the router lights are back to stable

    While this step will delete saved information, you can have quick access to the AT&T network. Refer to the user manual or product box to check the default password and Wi-Fi SSID.

    #9 Get AT&T Technical Support

    If you do not have luck even after factory resetting your AT&T router, you are left with a few options. I believe you should get in touch with official technical support from the company. Depending on the arrangement, you may receive a replacement router or get the current one repaired.

    In my experience, AT&T customer support is pretty quick. As long as you make an appointment, they are on time, and you should have your internet connection working in time.

    #10 Use a Third-party Router

    If continuous changes to the AT&T router do not help, you can go for this option.

    With some additional steps, you can use a third-party router with your AT&T connection. This setup may not have the same optimization as the company-provided one, though.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I fix AT&T Wi-Fi red light BGW210?

    You can fix the AT&T Wi-Fi red light on BGW210 by restarting or resetting the router. You may also want to check the device for overheating/overloading issues. It is also important to check whether you live in an area with network-level outage.

    How to check if AT&T broadband service is down?

    You can check the AT&T broadband status on the official website of AT&T. The company is courteous to let you know when there is an outage planned. But you can always track the status of unplanned network outages.

    What lights should be illuminated on my AT&T router?

    When everything is right, the AT&T router should have a green stable light. However, if you have a router with multiple LED lights, you should check whether the lights for Power, Network, and Wi-Fi are turned on and illuminated.


    I have had success solving the issues with the AT&T router using these steps. It is also how I have prioritized the options in this article. Feel free to let us know if you have used other methods to fix the issue.


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