About Us

    Welcome to DataFeature.com; we are happy that you are here. And we are stoked that you want to know why we do this. As you may have already figured, DataFeature.com covers a lot under the tech domain, such as routers, video conference tools, monitors, and web browsers. And we do not stop there; if we find things that help you boost productivity and work better, we ensure it is on the website. We built this site to ensure our readers can get the best out of technology in this world of hybrid workspaces.

    What Do We Do?

    Apart from spending too much time on the internet, we are professionals who make an income from the web. So, even before COVID and virtual workspaces, we used to spend most of our day in front of our laptops. It ultimately gave us the edge when the hybrid working culture became the norm, and we are happy to extend a helping hand.

    It’s one thing we have encountered most of the errors you may come across while working from home. But we would not have started DataFeature.com if we did not have what it takes to explain things well. So, more than helping you solve existing problems, we help you stay productive even when you do not have a physical workspace apart from your bedroom or living room.

    Here are a few things we do at DataFeature.com:

    • We search for common issues and find solutions for them. These solutions are presented to you in the best way possible.
    • Our team also spends most of their time on the internet so that we can bring you the latest updates from the world of tech.
    • DataFeature.com will also recommend the best applications and utilities you should check out to give your productivity a much-needed boost.
    • We also want to create a platform where you can interact, ask questions, and share your tips for an impressive digital workspace.

    For the Press

    We are happy that you want to talk about DataFeature.com. It would be great if you could be mindful of the following guidelines while talking about us.

    DataFeature is a single word and D and F are to be capitalized. You can also find our official logo.

    Our Story

    As we mentioned earlier, we have had our careers around the web for multiple decades. Even before online workspaces and hybrid work culture became the norm, we were used to the chores. So, after COVID-19, as everyone had to embrace this culture, they obviously had doubts. And, since we were the OGs, we started acting as the friendly tech support guys. But we always knew that thousands of others had similar or complex questions. Thus, the idea of DataFeature.com was born.

    The Team

    About Rajesh

    Rajesh Namase

    Rajesh Namase is a passionate entrepreneur and full-time blogger with over a decade of experience in SEO and digital marketing.

    He started blogging in 2010 with Namase.com while pursuing his bachelor’s degree in IT engineering from TKIET Warananagar. By the time he graduated in May 2012, Rajesh had successfully transformed Namase.com into TechLila.com, a reputable tech blog that has attracted millions of readers over the years. Over the following decade, Rajesh continued to develop meaningful business ideas.

    About Pavan

    Pavan Lipare

    Pavan Lipare is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in the fields of SEO and digital marketing. Pavan’s educational journey started at Rajaram Bapu High School in Atpadi, where he finished his schooling. He then followed his passion for technology by attending TKIET Warananagar College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a specialization in Information Technology in 2012.

    This strong educational foundation set the basis for his future pursuits. In 2013, Pavan Lipare took a major leap in his career by joining one of Pune’s well-known Market Research companies. His tenure there enabled him to acquire valuable insights and expertise in the constantly evolving digital marketing industry.

    The year 2017 marked a turning point in Pavan’s professional journey. He, along with his partners Sudhish, Rajesh, and Pramod, co-founded Prudour Private Limited.