All contents published on this website are done concerning the Disclosure Compliance Policy from the Federal Trade Commission as published in 2015. This disclosure policy makes sure that our audience is completely aware of the different types of content that they come across on the website, and they can tell apart from standard and sponsored content.

    As a visitor, you can use this disclosure policy document to understand how different links on the website work and what happens when you click on one of these links. The disclosure policy also makes sure that there is consistency in how these links and activities are defined while also ensuring overall transparency across the room.

    We reserve the complete right to make changes to the disclosure document. While all the changes cannot be intimated, major changes in the document will be intimated to the subscribers of the website.

    Affiliate Links and Commission

    The website uses affiliate links to create a source of revenue by promoting certain products and services. These links are used across the website, and when these are clicked, and the product is purchased, a specific amount of commission is given to us. However, it needs to be noted that the commission does not affect the price you are paying for the service or product. A noticeable number of links you may find on the website are affiliate links.

    Understanding Affiliate Links

    Essentially, affiliate links are hyperlinks that contain a code that we use to promote a particular product or service. When a user clicks on this link, they are redirected to the service or product page, which may also happen to have a landing page.

    Once the user has purchased a specific product or service, DataFeature may receive a kind of compensation from the website without having an impact on the amount that you have to pay for the service or the product itself. The specifics of the compensation are decided by the project or service website or the intermediary in such cases.

    It needs to be noted that the transactions do not occur on our website. Instead, you are redirected to the product website where all these transactions take place. Due to the same reason, we are not responsible for the transactions that take place once you have been redirected through these affiliate links.

    However, we make sure that we recommend and endorse products that we have thoroughly tested or have 100% confidence in. To make things better transparent, we have turned affiliate links into two categories, and we will talk about them below.

    #1 Amazon Affiliate Links

    Amazon affiliate links refer to the affiliate links that are put on the website as a part of the Amazon Services LLC associate program. As you would imagine from the name, these links are used to recommend products or services that are available through the e-commerce platform.

    DataFeature.com is a part of the aforementioned affiliate program and when a user purchases a product on Amazon through the link, we may receive a specific amount of commission as mentioned earlier. Once again, using one of these Amazon affiliate links does not impact the money you have to pay for the protector service on Amazon.

    Instead, the commission that datafeature.com receives is provided by the e-commerce platform itself.

    #2 Product Affiliate Links

    In addition to affiliate links that redirect the user to Amazon.com, we also have third-party affiliate links, which may be powered by a different affiliate program. However, the core idea of the affiliate links does not change here. Whenever a user makes a purchase, the website will provide part of the remuneration to DataFeature.com.

    Once again, we make sure that we recommend products or services that we have complete confidence and trust in.

    About the Commission We Receive

    We would like to reiterate that the commission we receive from either Amazon or third-party websites does not affect the price you have to pay for the product or service; instead, the amount is provided by the third party, which could be Amazon or another website. In fact, by choosing to follow our affiliate link, you might sometimes save money because they contain exclusive coupon codes.

    Does DataFeature Access Your Details?

    DataFeature.com has a very strict policy when it comes to the collection and usage of personal details. For one, the website does not collect any kind of personal details and sharing and sales of this information is completely out of limits. For instance, we do not have access to your email address, credit card details, zip codes, or addresses.

    Instead, affiliate links that you can find on DataFeature.com are designed to redirect you to the website where the transaction takes place. DataFeature.com does not hold any information that could potentially be traced back to you. For more information about how the personal details of users are used, you may please refer to the Privacy Policy Document.

    How About Sponsored Content?

    As much as we are against the concept of sponsored content, there are times when certain products and services need to be covered. However, at DataFeature.com, we make sure that these sponsored posts are marked as such, meaning that users know what they are going to read before they read the content. It is more important to note that DataFeature.com holds complete editorial rights even while writing about sponsored posts and services because we do not want to create a biased version of anything that we talk about on this website.

    How Can You Support Us?

    The primary reason to support DataFeature.com is that it has been designed to help the thousands of users who have trouble creating and maintaining a digital workflow for their day-to-day lives.

    However, maintaining a website with up-to-date content requires a lot of labor on the monetary side and otherwise, and there are a couple of things that a reader can do to support us.

    • We highly recommend using one of the referral or affiliate links that you can find on DataFeature.com when you want to find a product or service.
    • When you receive the purchase of a certain product or service, leaving a review for the same would help create a good cycle of recommendation, promotion, and customer interaction.
    • We would like to keep DataFeature.com as a very interactive website, and it can be made possible only through your comments and social shares.
    • Finally, you can always make sure that our website is shared with your friends and family and make sure that they have an easy time setting things up for their maximum workflow.

    Why Should You Support Us?

    As we mentioned earlier, we have designed and maintained this website so that everyone has fairly equal access to technology and how we deal with technology to improve your productivity and the collective output. So the reason to support DataFeature.com is to support the growth we want to acquire as a society as we move towards a very virtually oriented and hybrid workspace.

    To make sure that the process is seamless and transparent, we have designed our editorial policy in such a way that we always give priority to what helps people. For instance, when we recommend a product or service, we test it to the maximum knowledge and experience so that users have a seamless experience with the same.

    The Bottom Line

    We believe this disclaimer document has provided sufficient information about datafeature.com and how the different kinds of published content work on the website. Once again, we would like to add that we aim to provide a very unbiased version of what we recommend, including tutorials.

    Therefore, the website always puts the reader first and does not intend to publish content for the sake of it. We believe there is a better understanding of the website and we thank you for your esteemed support.