Xfinity from Comcast remains one of the best internet service providers you can count on today. Among the many advantages, you would love the versatile plans and reliable speeds. However, universal coverage is not a thing, and you might have to change or cancel Xfinity internet service when you make big decisions. Although the process itself can be simple, you should know the multiple options available. We have covered them all in this guide.

    Easiest Way to Change or Cancel Xfinity Service

    The easiest way to cancel Xfinity service is to chat with or call the official representative of Xfinity. Post the confirmation, once you have returned the equipment, you will receive the final bill. You can pay this bill and move on to the next ISP.

    Steps to Change Your Xfinity Service to a New Address

    Before we discuss full cancellation of Xfinity services, we shall see how easy it is to change your Xfinity service to a new address. You might want to consider this option if you are satisfied with the internet service from Xfinity.

    For what it’s worth, this internet service provider has good coverage across the USA. Even though the pricing plans may vary, you can enjoy almost the same benefits. It could be a perfect opportunity to upgrade your internet connection to something bigger and more reliable.

    In my experience, the planning options from Xfinity are impressive. You get multiple choices at each step. It lets you, for instance, keep your existing Comcast equipment or get upgraded equipment delivered. You can also modify your internet plan. With the right planning, you may not have to pay for moving.

    The steps to move your Xfinity service to a new address are:

    1. You have to visit, which contains all the instructions and processes to move your Xfinity service from an existing address to a new one.
    2. Sign in to your Xfinity account and click the option to get started with moving.
    3. On the next page, you have to provide details of the moving process. To get started, you have to type in the new address and the date of moving. Xfinity also asks for a contact number that you would be reachable at. Once you have provided these basic details, you can click Keep Moving to proceed.
    Xfinity Service - Moving Form 1
    • You will quickly see an option to make changes to the Xfinity plan. If there are conflicts with existing plans based on the new address, Xfinity will let you know. Otherwise, if you want to upgrade to other plans, you have the option to do it.
    • Next up, you can select the desired installation process. One, you can take the existing equipment with you and set up the connection at the new place, all by yourself. Two, you can take the equipment and have a professional technician set it up for you.
    • If you go for the professional support option, you should be ready to pay a service charge of $25, and this number may vary depending on the equipment. Similarly, you have to select a two-hour window on the date of moving. The technician will arrive at your place during the selected time frame.
    Xfinity Installation Service For Moving
    • On the last page, you should be able to review the changes you have made, including the addresses in question. You can click Submit Order if everything seems alright.

    You should receive a confirmation message from Comcast, which could be used for reference. Now, you can plan your moving day and enjoy a seamless internet, TV, or voice service from Comcast Xfinity.

    Another impressive point is that you do not have to pay to move Xfinity services to a new address. The only time you would have to pay is if you opt for professional installation. You can also have a gap between moving out and moving in, and, conveniently, Xfinity will not bill you for the same.

    In short, if you are moving to an Xfinity-serviceable area and want to stick to Xfinity services, you can do all this without any hassle or additional costs.

    Steps to Cancel Your Xfinity Service

    As you can guess, things are a little different when you want to cancel your Xfinity service. It could be due to the lack of coverage or because you’re not satisfied with what Xfinity offers. The process is complicated because you have to deal with multiple things such as settling the bill and returning the equipment. But with proper planning, you can get this done without incurring any charges. I will first mention the standard ways to cancel your Xfinity service.

    Step One: Contact Comcast Xfinity

    To begin the cancellation process, call 1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-COMCAST from any phone. Provide your account details and say “Cancel Service” to proceed or opt to speak directly with a specialist if you want to avoid IVR navigation.

    Step Two: Provide the Reason for Cancellation

    Be prepared to offer a compelling reason for cancellation, as Comcast representatives will attempt to retain you. Claiming relocation to a non-Comcast area, including abroad, is effective. Maintain politeness and clarity in your request, despite potential offers aimed at retaining your subscription.

    Step Three: Returning the Equipment

    Inquire with Comcast about return options for your equipment. Verify with Comcast’s records to ensure all issued equipment is accounted for to avoid extra charges. You may return the equipment in person at a Comcast store, via UPS shipping options, or using a prepaid box provided by Comcast.

    Step Four: Confirm Cancellation

    Specify your desired service termination date, typically at the end of your billing cycle, unless an immediate stop is required. Inquire about potential termination fees if under contract and the final bill, which may include early termination and unreturned equipment charges.

    Voilà! You have successfully cancelled the Xfinity services.

    Alternative Ways to Cancel Xfinity Internet

    You can also use some alternative ways to cancel Xfinity Internet. These processes may help you avoid the conversation with the customer specialist, but then it depends on multiple other factors.

    Method #1: Online Chat

    Initiate a chat with Xfinity support on their website, provide basic details, and request to speak with a person for service cancellation. You’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation decision before proceeding with the steps outlined previously.

    Method #2: In-Person

    For services purchased from a retail store, visit a local Xfinity store with your latest bill and account information to cancel your service in person. You’ll confirm your cancellation, follow equipment return instructions, and have the option to settle any early termination fees directly.

    Xfinity Store Locator

    Method #3: Online Cancellation Form

    Complete a cancellation form on Xfinity’s dedicated webpage, including reasons for cancellation and account details. While this may lead to a follow-up call from Comcast, it will be more focused, requiring no reiteration of account details.

    You can use these three alternative options to cancel Xfinity service without any hassle. There are also options to send a request via actual mail or email. But both of these options will take some time to come into effect. You will not have flexibility in terms of the termination date or billing date, either.

    Cancellation Fees for Xfinity Services

    Regardless of the cancellation method, early termination fees (ETF) apply if you cancel before your contract ends. Off-contract cancellations incur no charges. Cancelling a 12-month contract after 4 months incurs an $80 ETF, with $10 for each remaining month.

    Exceptions include downgrading services, active-duty military deployment, or the account holder’s death, with required supporting documentation. Abuse of these exceptions is discouraged.

    How to Return the Comcast Equipment

    Conveniently enough, you can use multiple methods to return your existing Comcast equipment.

    Prepaid Shipping Package

    Request a prepaid shipping label via the Equipment Return page, select devices for return, and Xfinity will send a label at no cost. Pack the items and either schedule a pickup or drop them off at any UPS location.

    Xfinity Retail Store

    Return equipment directly to an Xfinity retail store for immediate account updates, avoiding logistical delays.

    The UPS Store

    Visit a UPS store, provide your account number to receive shipping documents, and return the equipment. Ensure to obtain a receipt for shipment tracking.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to cancel Xfinity?

    The cancellation process for Xfinity services may take a minimum of two working days and depending on the complexity of the service and the status of equipment return, you may have to wait until the period, until the end of the billing period to get the final. The contract with Xfinity will be void only after you have paid the pending amount, including the equipment fee if you do not want to return it.

    What happens when you cancel Xfinity service?

    As soon as the cancellation is accepted, you will lose access to many benefits. However, if you do not want to terminate the connection right now, you can ask for a fixed date. On that date, you will lose access to the service. After that, you will have to return the Xfinity equipment and get the final bill from Comcast. Once you have paid the bill, you can easily move to another internet service provider.


    I’m sure this guide helped you understand all the crucial points about cancelling Xfinity services. With the right planning and reasons, you do not need a lot of time to cancel a bunch of Xfinity services. However, you should be a little careful while providing the reason for the cancellation and being prompt with equipment return.

    Personally, I have only had to transfer the Xfinity service for myself. I have only moved to areas where Xfinity offers incredible coverage, and the service has been pretty wonderful for my side. But then again, I know people who are suffering from issues with their Comcast Xfinity services.


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