If you have thought of ways to join private games on ROBLOX game servers, you might have heard about the RoSearcher extension. This Chrome extension seems to be a popular choice among ROBLOX gamers, but you can also come across safety concerns.

    In this guide, we shall explore the different aspects of this extension for Chrome. Most importantly, we shall answer a question: is RoSearcher safe to use?

    Is RoSearcher Safe to Use?

    RoSearcher is not safe to use due to privacy and safety concerns. The extension has received a problematic average rating on the official store, and its functionality is inconsistent. So, you cannot gain much by installing the extension for ROBLOX games.

    What Is RoSearcher Extension?

    RoSearcher is a Chrome extension that has become popular in the Roblox gaming community. It claims to help users join Roblox games that are originally set to be viewed by no one else.

    Suppose you encounter a Roblox game that you cannot originally join because the player has set up a different viewing setting. If we are to believe the developer of RoSearcher, you can use the extension to join your friends even when they have set their joins to no one.

    As you can imagine, the extension aims to bypass the privacy settings enabled in Roblox mobile gaming. And, for some reason, Roblox enthusiasts are interested in checking out this extension. The extension appears to be available for Firefox and Opera Mini as well, but their functionality is disputed.

    Does the RoSearcher Extension Work?

    Here is where the problem begins.

    Our attempts with the RoSearcher extension have shown that the extension does not work. It could not let us join games that are set to be kept alone. And we did go through the multiple reviews for the extension to understand whether the issue was with our system or configuration. Here is what we found:

    For one, this extension has not received reviews consistently. It means there is no inflow of new users. And, when we go through the recent reviews, one thing becomes clear. Users are not sure whether it works as it is supposed to. Those who have left positive reviews for the RoSearcher extension are also said to use some other extensions. Therefore, we do not know whether the RoSearcher extension alone can get the job done.

    We should also mention that the extension has an average rating of 2.3 out of 5. While it is not the lowest rating we have seen for a Chrome extension, it definitely is not the highest. In any other instances, we would stay away from Chrome extensions with such a low rating.

    Is it Safe to use the RoSearcher Extension?

    The short answer is that it is not safe to use the Chrome extension. As we said earlier, even though it claims to do the job, the functionality of the RoSearcher extension is disputed at best.

    The extension also has some issues from a privacy point of view. For instance, since you are meddling with Roblox privacy settings, there is a high chance that your account gets blocked. So, we would NOT recommend using the extension on your browser.

    It does not mean that the RoSearcher extension lacks the basic safety features. To stay on the Chrome web store, the extension has to comply with some privacy policies. So, that Google has not yet removed the extension from the store is proof that it is moderately safe. At least, RoSearcher is not a virus.

    Nevertheless, there is no reason for you to use the extension on ROBLOX game server environments. As we know, ROBLOX is frequently rolling out updates for these game servers. If and when there is a plan to block the extension, accounts using the RoSearcher extension will also come across trouble.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is RoSearcher safe to use?

    No, we have reason to believe that RoSearcher is not safe to use. It comes with plenty of issues and bypasses the privacy policy of ROBLOX. Therefore, considering the privacy and security of your ROBLOX account, you should not use the RoSearcher extension.

    How to use RoSearcher on Mobile Roblox?

    There are a few ways to use RoSearcher on mobile ROBLOX, but you should not. For instance, you can make use of the extension by installing it on a mobile browser. However, there is no surety about the functionality of the extension.


    In the end, we have found more reasons why you should stay away from RoSearcher than the opposite. The potential benefits of the extension are not worth the privacy and safety risks you take to install and use the extension.


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