Spectrum is indeed one of the most reliable internet service providers in the United States. You can also get TV, mobile, and home phone services from the same company. However, if Spectrum Internet services do not work for you, what do you do about the equipment? This question remains unanswered for many users.

    As a past customer of Spectrum myself, I have created a brief guide on how to return Spectrum equipment hassle-free. Let’s begin.

    Best Methods to Return Spectrum Equipment after Cancellation

    To return Spectrum equipment such as Wi-Fi routers or modems, you can choose among the four methods. You can send it via UPS, get a home return kit, or drop it off at a Spectrum store. If you have disabilities, you can also request a pickup from your location.

    About Spectrum Internet Services

    As we said earlier, Spectrum has become one of the most popular options for not just the internet, but also combined services in the United States. It is also the go-to option when you need reliable internet speeds and good plans, especially for family. For what it’s worth, Spectrum has heavily invested in the infrastructure so that the ultimate experience from the internet services is worth recommending. Therefore, it is likely that you are satisfied with the internet or TV services from Spectrum.

    Spectrum Internet Services - Return Spectrum Equipment

    To improve things, Spectrum also provides the equipment when you purchase the service. That is, you don’t have to worry about things like routers or Wi-Fi modules or anything. Instead, you can choose what suits you best. For instance, in addition to the Spectrum Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi Pods are included in the package. You can use these pods to enhance the Wi-Fi coverage within your home or office.

    You can even choose a self-installation option, where you pick up the necessary equipment and installation kit from a store. But, it also means you have to take care of the equipment when you discontinue the service from Spectrum. I will talk about that in detail.

    When to Return Spectrum Equipment

    Even though Spectrum internet services are great, you may face some limitations with it. In these instances, you have to discontinue the service, instead of moving to another provider. For instance, you may have found a more affordable plan that suits your needs. Or, you may want additional features that Spectrum does not provide at this point.

    Regardless, this is also when you have to return the Spectrum equipment.

    Let’s say that you have decided to cancel the services from Spectrum. The moment you cancel, all the tools provided by Spectrum to bring internet or TV services to your home become something you no longer have access to. Therefore, you have to return all this Spectrum equipment as per the return policy of Spectrum.

    However, I have found some insights on how the process goes on.

    Is It Compulsory to Return Internet Equipment from Spectrum?

    Let’s say that you did not purchase anything when you got the Spectrum internet plan. In this case, Spectrum would have provided you with everything: the cables, Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi Pods, a set-top box for TV, or home phone devices. You have most likely paid for some equipment, such as the Wi-Fi Pods, which cost $3 a unit. But you have not paid for the basic equipment, like the Wi-Fi router.

    Therefore, when you cancel the services from Spectrum, it is compulsory to return equipment such as the Wi-Fi router and set-top box (if applicable.) At the same time, you do not have to return the equipment that you have purchased separately. For instance, if you have purchased multiple Wi-Fi Pods from Spectrum, you do not have to return the Pods.

    To be on the safe side, I will quote the official terms from Spectrum support:

    “All equipment issued by Spectrum for use with any Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet or Spectrum Voice services remains the property of Spectrum. If you’re moving out of the Spectrum coverage area or planning on downgrading services, give us a call before returning any leased equipment.”

    Yes, it confirms that you are legally bound to return the equipment to Spectrum.

    What Equipment Need to Return to Spectrum

    Many Spectrum users have often asked me what equipment they need to return. I usually say that the final set of equipment depends on what you have leased/purchased. But, here, I will give a more specific reply to the question.

    Once again, to quote Spectrum support:

    “You’re responsible for returning modems, routers, Spectrum receivers, and any auxiliary equipment provided by Spectrum. You’re not required to return any remotes, splitters, or cables that came with your equipment.”

    Based on this understanding, you have to return the following equipment to Spectrum.

    • Modems
    • Set-top Box
    • Wi-Fi Router
    • Home Phone
    Spectrum Equipment

    You do not have to worry about cables, remote controllers, and splitters. You can keep this equipment and continue using it with the next service provider. As you can guess, if you have only purchased the internet service from Spectrum, you can simply return the modem and the Wi-Fi router.

    4 Effective Ways to Return Spectrum Equipment (with Pros and Cons)

    I would like to add a few things that you should know about returning the Spectrum equipment to the company.

    In most cases, once you cancel the services, you will receive a phone call from the company detailing the process of returning the equipment. But if you have not received the call, you have to initiate the call from your site. In this case, you have to call (833) 267-6094, which is the official support number for Spectrum.

    Once you contact them, they will explain the different ways to return the equipment. But if you want to cover these things earlier, you can basically read what I have covered below. I have talked about four effective ways to return Spectrum equipment, and these methods are recommended by the company itself.

    It means you can confidently move with any of these channels to ensure that Spectrum gets its equipment back.

    Method #1 UPS Return

    Returning Spectrum equipment via UPS is probably the easiest way to get the job done. Spectrum has established some collaboration with the UPS network to make sure that customers can easily return the equipment without paying anything.

    So, if you do not mind finding the nearest UPS store and dropping off the equipment in the recommended package, you can use this method. However, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

    • Firstly, not all UPS pick-up locations are compatible with this method. Therefore, you have to find a UPS Store location using the UPS store locator tool. This is available online, and you can find the nearest UPS store based on your area or other convenience.
    • If you want to return your Spectrum equipment via UPS, it is important that you pack the equipment in the most proper way possible. If you can find the original box and packaging that the equipment came in, you can use it for the best results. And when you take the package to the UPS center, they will add an extra layer of protection.
    UPS Store Locator
    • Once you have reached the UPS store, you can tell the store that you want to return equipment from Spectrum. They will come up with all the paperwork, and you will get a tracking number that will help you understand whether the equipment has reached Spectrum on time.

    Finally, you should remember that not all UPS Store locations may have this facility. So, I would recommend checking the local reviews and giving a call before reaching the location.

    Method #2 Drop-off at Spectrum Store

    Do you remember the place from which you bought the Spectrum Equipment? In that case, the easiest option is to return old equipment through the Spectrum Store drop-off option.

    As the name says, it is easy to locate a Spectrum Store nearby. You can just go there, provide your account details, and get done with the return process. Because you are dealing with the company directly, this method is faster and the status of the return will be reflected on your account quickly.

    According to the official support from Spectrum, this method is recommended only when UPS or FedEx is not available in your area. But then that is an unlikely scenario. However, given that this method is faster, you might want to use the Spectrum store drop-off method if you are close to the 14-day window within which you should return the equipment.

    Method #3 Home Shipment Return Kit

    Let’s say that you don’t have a Spectrum store or a UPS store nearby where you are living. In that case, something you can try is the home shipment return kit. This is a kit that contains almost everything you need to properly package and return the equipment to Spectrum.

    That is, you will receive a cardboard box and bubble wrap along with a return label that you can use.

    Once you are done with this, you can basically give the box to a FedEx store or even drop it in a drop-off box. Either way, you don’t have to pay anything because the billing details are included in the return kit. Once again, you can keep the receipt for tracking purposes and the devices should reach Spectrum at the earliest.

    You can request a Home Shipment Return Kit through the official support channel from Spectrum.

    Method #4 Equipment Pickup

    The fourth method to return Spectrum equipment is reserved for those who have limitations in moving around.

    So, if you cannot reach the Spectrum store or UPS store because of a disability, you have an option to contact the Spectrum team, which will send a technician. The technician will come to your location and collect the equipment that needs to be returned.

    Once again, this method is available only for customers with disabilities. So, it is important that you do not misuse this option.

    Fees for Not Returning Spectrum Equipment

    We already mentioned that it is compulsory to return Spectrum equipment once you have canceled your account and there is a 14-day window within which you can return the equipment failure to return Spectrum equipment will incur something called unreturned equipment fees.

    The company does not specify how much they will be charging for this behavior, but it is common sense to believe that the price of the hardware will be included and when you receive the final bill from Spectrum this extra charge will be added to the bill.

    But, honestly, considering that it is easy to return the equipment through any of the popular methods, you don’t want to incur this fee.

    My Experience with Spectrum Equipment Return

    Before moving to my current place, I used to be a subscriber to the internet services from Spectrum. And when I moved, I had to deal with the Spectrum equipment return system. But then, as I have mentioned throughout the article, the process was actually easy.

    In my case, I located the nearest UPS store center and proceeded there with the original packaging containing the equipment. And UPS people were chill with this because they are used to dealing with these returns daily. So, I think I had to spend only a couple of minutes there to sort things out, and I was handed a receipt in the end.

    I don’t think I was tracking the package continuously. Yet, when the equipment reached Spectrum, I received confirmation emails saying that everything was sorted. And of course, I did not get any additional fee added to the bill.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I return equipment to Spectrum?

    You can return the equipment to Spectrum through four methods. You can either drop it off at a Spectrum store or use services like UPS or FedEx to send the equipment back to the company. If you have a disability, you can also request a pickup from Spectrum, in which case a technician will reach your location and pick up the devices.

    What happens if I don’t return the Spectrum equipment?

    If you don’t return the Spectrum equipment, you will be charged something called unreturned equipment fees, which is not a fixed amount. Depending on the devices that you have not returned, the company will add an amount to your final bill, which you will have to pay. But it is easy to avoid this situation by using one of the four methods to return the Spectrum equipment once you are done.


    I believe this guide helped you get through the different methods to return Spectrum equipment hassle-free. Including my experience in the consideration, it is effortless to make sure that the equipment gets back to the Spectrum. And you need not worry about any other issues.


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