However optimized Spectrum Wi-Fi routers are, they cannot escape the problems of cache and occasional malfunctioning. You may also encounter other issues concerning your Wi-Fi network or internet access. But, like other electronic devices, Spectrum routers also come with an option for factory reset, which does magic in many instances. But, how do you reset Spectrum router? Are there multiple ways to do it? I have covered all these questions in this extensive guide.

    How to Reset Spectrum Routers to Default Settings

    You can reset spectrum routers using three methods. One, you can use the online portal to remotely reset the router. Second, you can use the My Spectrum app to factory reset the device. Third, you can use the hard reset button on the router to turn it to factory settings.

    About Different Wi-Fi Routers from Spectrum

    With most internet plans from Spectrum, you get something called Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi. It is an all-in-one device that is designed to work as a modem and Wi-Fi router. It means the device will receive the signals through a Coaxial or fiber cable and convert them into a Wi-Fi network that you can easily manage. More importantly, you can use the My Spectrum app to keep track of your network preferences.

    Wi-Fi Routers from Spectrum

    Spectrum also says that these all-in-one routers offer additional user protection and device protection, especially while using IoT devices. Regardless of all these features, there are instances when you have to reset the Spectrum router. But, it is convenient that you can choose one of the three options to do it. I will cover all these options in the later sections.

    Reasons to Reset Spectrum Routers

    Before I talk about how to reset a spectrum router, there are a few things you should know. First, resetting the router is not the first thing you do. Instead, it should be a last resort when resolving a problem with your Wi-Fi connection or internet access.

    For instance, if you find the Spectrum router blinking orange, you need to try a few methods like rebooting the router and checking for network outages. And you can think of resetting the router when you confirm that the problem is with your device.

    But, from a usability standpoint, you have other reasons to reset your Spectrum router.

    To improve Internet Speed

    As I said earlier, as your Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi router serves you over months and years, it will collect a lot of information and cache. Over time, this cache and temporary storage options might get full, which also affects the overall internet speed you get from the network. You might have noticed this in the case of old routers.

    Resetting the router is a way to avoid this. As I mentioned, when you reset the router, it turns the settings back to a state as though it is from the factory, thus erasing all the temporary data. So, if you are getting lower internet speeds despite an expensive and high-speed plan, you can think of resetting the router.

    Enhance Security

    Resetting the Spectrum router also offers a couple of security features. It works at two levels. First, when you reset the router to the basic settings, it will try to contact the server and look for the latest version of the firmware. So if you haven’t updated the firmware manually, it is a good way to enhance security.

    At the second level, resetting the router will also compel you to set up a new username and password for the admin panel, along with the username-password combination for your Wi-Fi network. Considering that you wouldn’t normally do this once in a while, it is good that a reset helps you do it.

    Get Rid of Errors

    As I mentioned, errors with the code and firmware can impact the internet experience that you get from a spectrum router. Resetting the device will help you with this, especially if you have been encountering issues like the power light blinking or the online light blinking.

    It might also be a good idea to manually update the firmware once you have reset the router. As I said, you can get the latest software, which would also benefit you in terms of features. You can also expect better internet speeds in the end.

    Ideal Frequency for Resetting Spectrum Routers

    By the way, resetting your Spectrum Wi-Fi router is not something that you should do often. I recommend doing it once a year unless you come across particular issues. Even though there are benefits, resetting the router could disable some good features, and you do not want that to happen.

    How to Reset Spectrum Routers

    Now that you know about the potential situations that warrant a Spectrum router reset, I will elaborate on the steps you can follow to reset a Spectrum router.

    As I mentioned earlier, there are three methods you can follow to reset spectrum routers. Also, note that we are talking about the advanced Wi-Fi routers that you get as a part of Spectrum One or other plans. The steps might be a little different for other routers from Spectrum, or if you are using a third-party Wi-Fi router with a Spectrum connection.

    Method #1 Remote/Online Reset

    Because your Spectrum router is connected to the Spectrum network and optimized for control, you can remotely reset the router using Spectrum’s network management platform. The steps you have to follow are given below.

    1. You have to log into using the account credentials
    2. Navigate to the Services & Equipment section
    3. From the list of devices, choose the Wi-Fi Router
    4. On the next page, click Reset Equipment
    5. When the web portal asks for confirmation, click Reset Equipment again

    Depending on the account settings, you may have to provide the password to proceed with the online reset option. Once the request has been processed, the Spectrum device management server will remotely reset the Spectrum Router to the factory settings.

    Method #2 Reset the Router using the My Spectrum App

    Now, I already mentioned that the My Spectrum app is a benefit of having the built-in router from Spectrum. So if you have installed the application on your device, you can use it to reset the router. This is faster than the online reset option because you have a device connected to the network. The steps are:

    1. Install the My Spectrum app for your Android smartphone or iPhone
    2. Make sure that you have connected to the Wi-Fi network
    3. You may have to log in using the Spectrum account credentials
    4. Once you have opened the dashboard, move to Services > Advanced Wi-Fi Settings
    5. You should be able to see the details of the connection. Now, tap Factory Reset
    6. Confirm if asked

    You should keep in mind that the reset process may take up to 10 minutes and during these 10 minutes your spectrum router will restart multiple times, and it is important not to remove the power supply during the process. Instead, you have to wait until you see all the status lights in the ideal status.

    Reset Spectrum Router using the My Spectrum App

    Once the status lights say that the router is working, you may proceed with your configuration options.

    Method #3 Using the Hard Reset Button

    Like other Wi-Fi routers, spectrum routers also come with a physical reset button. You will be able to locate this button on the back of the device. Depending on the device, it could come in different manners as well, but the standard procedures for resetting a spectrum router using the reset button are as follows.

    Reset Spectrum Router using the Hard Reset Button
    1. First, you have to locate the Reset button on the Spectrum router. It could be a full-sized button or a pinhole. If you find a pinhole, you may want to use another tool to proceed with the reset.
    2. On the other hand, if you have a standard button, you have to press and hold the button for at least 15 seconds.
    3. The status lights on the router will start blinking, indicating that the reset process has been started.

    Like the previous method, this option will also take a few minutes to complete. And you should be patient until all the lights come back on.

    For Those Who Use Third-party Routers

    Do you use a third-party Wi-Fi router with a spectrum connection? If so, you should note a few additional things before you reset the device. Unlike the spectrum Wi-Fi advanced routers, the third-party routers are not pre-optimized for the spectrum network. Most probably, you or the technician would have configured it manually when you got the connection.

    These settings will go away once you reset the device, so you need to take note of some details before you proceed with the reset option.

    First, you should take note of the SSID and password for the router. Similarly, if you have changed them, you should also understand the login credentials. But as far as login credentials are concerned, when you reset the router, it will go back to the factory state, which means you have to use the default IP address and credentials.

    Possible Issues While Resetting the Spectrum Router

    There are instances when you cannot proceed with the process of resetting the spectrum router. While they are very rare, there is only one solution if you come across a problem.

    In most cases, the problem will have to do with the router itself or the network cables that you use could be the culprit. So you can consider using alternate cables to check the connection, but if nothing works, you have to get in touch with a technician from Spectrum customer support.

    Alternatives to Resetting Your Spectrum Router

    I mentioned in the very beginning that you should consider a factory reset as a last resort. And for many reasons, you might not want to reset your spectrum router. Fortunately, there are a couple of alternatives you can try if you are trying to solve a problem with hardware or software.

    Alternatives to Resetting Your Spectrum Router

    Power cycling your router is one of the effective ways to remove firmware issues and power instability issues with the router. The steps are simple.

    1. First, you have to turn off the device and disconnect all the cables from the router, including the power cable.
    2. Now you have to wait for at least 30 seconds.
    3. Next, you can connect all the cables one by one, but make sure that you connect the power cable at last.
    4. Once you power on the device, it should function in the ideal state, and you can track it using the status LEDs.

    You should also check whether you are following the standard Spectrum Router maintenance tips while taking care of the system. For instance, you should not keep the router in an extremely cold or hot space. It is also important to use the standard adapters it came from. Using a power adapter with a different voltage can ruin the board of the router and cause further problems.

    It is equally important not to always blame the spectrum router. The issues with the connection could also be due to some oversight from the internet service provider. For instance, the coaxial cable that connects the service to your modem or router could be damaged, or there could be region-specific outages. Therefore, you should check all these options before you press the reset button.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I fix the internet after resetting my router?

    If you cannot access the internet after resetting the router, you will have to configure the settings again. In most cases, you can find the options to configure the router from the official website of your internet service provider. But if those steps do not help, you will have to get professional help from the company.

    Why does my router suddenly have no internet?

    If you suddenly stopped having internet access from the router, it could be due to a multiple set of issues. For instance, your router may not be receiving sufficient power from the adapter or there could be a problem with the connection cables. You might also want to check if the ISP is doing some maintenance in your area.


    I wanted to give you a rundown of multiple aspects that you should know about before you reset the spectrum router for your home or office. While it is relatively easy to do the reset process, re-configuring the network from scratch is not easy. So unless you have a really good reason to reset your spectrum router, you should not do it.


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