Google Fiber is undoubtedly one of the best ISPs you can find in the United States right now. It offers blazing-fast speeds and best-in-class reliability so that you can use the network for both personal and professional use, and the speeds go up to 8Gbps.

    However, you might have to cancel Google Fiber in some cases. In this guide, I have explained how you can do it without incurring any fees.

    Steps to Cancel Google Fiber without Any Fees

    You can cancel Google Fiber through the online account management platform or Google support. In both cases, you have to provide your account details and proceed with the cancellation. After the cancellation is confirmed, you have to return the rented equipment.

    Major Reasons to Cancel Google Fiber

    As I said, Google Fiber offers a lot in terms of value and reliability. It is also one of the most impressive options when you need the highest speed in town. But there are some reasons to cancel Google Fiber, depending on your specific situation and otherwise.

    Major Reasons to Cancel Google Fiber
    • The biggest downside of Google Fiber is the lack of coverage area. Therefore, if you are moving to a state or a city where Google Fiber is not available, you have no choice but to cancel the Google Fiber service. In fact, I have found that most people looking for Google Fiber cancellation are the ones who are moving to an area without Google’s coverage.
    • Even though Google Fiber plans offer a lot of value, you might not want to pay a lot for internet in the first place. For reference, the basic plans from Google Fiber are available for $70 a month, which can be a lot for some people. So if you feel this way, you can think about cancelling the Google Fiber service.
    • Sometimes, people just do not need the speed that Google Fiber offers. Once again, to give you a reference, the basic plan from Google Fiber offers a maximum speed of 1Gbps. This is not a standard amount and can be too much for some people, and they would rather go for a 500Mbps or 200Mbps connection.
    • While this is very uncommon, you might also be facing some technical issues with Google Fiber. For instance, the signal strength may not be great in your area, or you could be facing area-specific issues. Therefore, in the end, if Google Fiber doesn’t work for you, you will eventually have to cancel the service and get something else.

    So, if you want to cancel your Google Fiber internet service for any of the reasons listed below, you will find some solutions in this guide and even if you wish to cancel the service before its installation, there are some ways to follow.

    Google Fiber Cancellation Policy: Explained

    Google Fiber has probably one of the best cancellation policies we have seen among internet service providers in the United States. The basic idea is that Google Fiber does not use contracts.

    Instead, you simply have to pay the monthly fee depending on the plan that you have chosen. And with this plan, Google also provides all the necessary hardware and installation services.

    Thanks to this cancellation policy, you can cancel Google Fiber Internet services at any time you want. You do not have to pay additional fees such as early termination fees or convenience fees.

    However, you have to follow some rules after you have cancelled the Google Fiber internet service.

    • Depending on your data usage for the month, you will receive a final bill from Google Fiber. You are likely to receive this bill on the third day of the following month, and you have to pay this bill within the due date. Otherwise, you may incur some additional fees.
    • As I said, Google Fiber provides you the necessary hardware including a Google Nest Mesh Network System and you can keep these devices as long as you have an active subscription. The moment you cancel, you have to think about returning the equipment. The equipment must be returned within 60 days from the date of cancellation.
    • You may have received some discounts or promotional plan pricing options when you signed up for Google Fiber, but when you cancel the service, you will lose access to all these special pricing plans. And when you resume the internet service or the TV/ phone bundle, you need to start paying for the entire service.
    • While there is an option to cancel the service after you have requested the installation, you might have to pay something called a construction fee. This is to compensate for the monitoring and labor efforts that Google might have put into extending the service to your specific address.

    As I told you in the beginning, this cancellation policy is the simplest you can find in the market. Compared to what other ISPs do, Google Fiber keeps everything so simple and straightforward that the cancellation process is not a hassle.

    Steps to Cancel Google Fiber without ETF

    You can use two methods to cancel Google Fiber service without incurring any early termination fee. I will share both these methods and provide you with the basic steps for each method.

    Method #1 Cancel Google Fiber using the Online Platform

    If you regularly use the Google Fiber account dashboard, you do not need another place to cancel the Google Fiber internet service. Since Google Fiber is as transparent as it gets, cancelling the service requires only two minutes. The steps you have to follow are:

    1. Open from your device, preferably a computer
    2. Provide your account credentials and log into the account
    3. Navigate to Account > Manage Profile
    4. Find a button named Cancel Fiber Service and click it to proceed
    5. Confirm your action and go through the terms and conditions
    Cancel Google Fiber using the Online Platform

    In a few days or so, you will receive a confirmation message/email from Google Fiber. It should also contain all the steps you need to follow afterwards.

    Method #2 Cancel Google Fiber via Google Support

    If you do not want to cancel Google Fiber from the online portal, you can also get in touch with technical support. This option works only when you have activated the service. There are a couple of methods you can follow, and they are mentioned below.

    • If you want to cancel the service via a phone call, you can dial 866-777-7550 for residential accounts. If you have a business account, you might want to dial 855-418-8326. Both numbers will connect you to a customer service representative who will help you cancel the account.
    • Alternatively, you can use a live chat option on the Google Fiber website to send text messages to a customer representative. You will have to confirm your identity by providing the account details, and you can cancel Google Fiber within a few minutes.
    • Finally, you might want to send an email from your registered account, but this is probably the slowest method to reach Google support. So, unless you are in a dire situation, I would not recommend it.

    You can choose any of these three options based on your convenience. But all these plans will take one or two business days to process the cancellation.

    A Quick Guide to Google Fiber Equipment Return

    As I mentioned, Google Fiber is pretty strict about its Equipment Return Policy. Ideally, you must return all the rented equipment within 60 days of cancellation. Otherwise, you have to pay a non-returned equipment fee.

    Guide to Google Fiber Equipment Return

    Depending on the devices you have not returned, the fee could be around $200 or $300. The amount will increase if you have rented additional equipment from Google Fiber. You will receive an additional bill for non-returned equipment free after 60 days.

    If you ask me, there is no reason not to return equipment from Google Fiber. One, the return process is easy. Two, you may not have full access to the devices as they could be ISP-locked. And, here is how you can go about the return process.

    You have to return the following equipment once you have cancelled Google Fiber:

    1. Network box
    2. Fiber TV box, if applicable
    3. Fiber cable and Google Fiber routers
    4. Additional mesh Wi-Fi extenders (Nest)

    To process the return, you can use the prepaid shipping label from Google. You can simply keep all the fiber equipment in the original box and send it via a FedEx store. You may want to keep the receipt to track when all the equipment reaches Google.

    Things to Do Instead of Cancelling Google Fiber

    Depending on the situation, you might have an option not to cancel the Google service. Here are some options that I have explored.

    1. The first option is to transfer the Google Fiber service to another person who lives in your same building or the specific address. They will have to come up with their own Google Fiber account, but you can worry less about the cancellation process. Nevertheless, you will have to return all the rented equipment.
    2. Like other internet service providers, Google Fiber also lets you post the internet service temporarily. You can use this option to disable the service for 6 continuous months. You will not receive any bills during the period, and you can resume the connection whenever you want.

    Of course, you can move the service to another address, but that option seems a little irrelevant here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Google Fiber need a router?

    Yes, Google Fiber needs a router to provide Wi-Fi access across your home. All Google Fiber plans come with a router, whose rent is included in the bill.

    Can I pause Google Fiber service?

    You can pause Google Fiber service for up to six sequential months. You also have the option to resume the service whenever you want.

    What happens if you don’t pay Google Fiber?

    You will receive a couple of reminders after the due date for the bill. After the grace period for non-payment, Google may suspend your account. It essentially means you will lose access to the internet service.


    I believe this was a comprehensive guide to dealing with Google Fiber cancellation.

    As made clear multiple times, the cancellation process does not cause any kind of hidden fees. The only time you will face charges is when you do not return the rented equipment. And for reasons I have covered already, you do not want to encounter the non-equipment return fee.


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