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Given below are the specifically applied Terms & Conditions (T&C) pertaining to the various services or products shared between Data Feature and its discerning clients. Through the utilization of Data Feature’s website or that of its affiliates, you the user, hereby agree to all terms & conditions stated henceforth. These T&Cs are applicable to any/all electronic communication that is exchanged between Data Feature and a given client (existing or potential). In the event that Data Feature wishes to update or alter any of its T&Cs, it reserves the absolute authority to do so, without informing any/all of its clients. Hence, we request all of our clientele to examine all stipulated T&Cs prior to conducting any form of transaction with Data Feature.

Electronic Communications:

Data Feature is an online platform, as such, all primary transactions between Us and our clients, shall be in electronic form. Kindly note that any electronic communication initiated by a given user including, visits made to our platform (website), email communications, newsletter subscriptions, and the purchase of a given report, among several others, will lend Data Feature the authority to communicate further with any/all of our clients. It shall also be noted that any communication from Data Feature to a given client is legally bound, and the same is to be considered as written form for any future reference.

Content Copyrights:

All content published on or through Data Feature, including but not limited to text, images, videos, logos, graphics, etc., are to be considered as intellectual property of Data Feature. Any reproduction of the same will be considered a direct violation of copyright policies, and will attract legal ramifications on any/all parties involved. Our content is protected by numerous international laws pertaining to content copyright infringement.

By engaging with Data Feature, you the user agree to not copy, distribute, or reproduce in any way, any content that is published on our platform or any other affiliated forums. The only exemption to this will be, if you have obtained explicit permission from any entities of Data Feature in advance. Additionally, any third-party tools used to extract any content from Data Feature will be considered illegal and punishable by law.

Contract for Purchases:

All products and services offered through Data Feature’s web platform are pay-to-avail in nature. As per our Contract for Purchases, clients will be required to pay for a given product/service once an order has been placed with us. Kindly note that the delivery of any product/service will not be honored or initiated by Data Feature, until receipt of payment has been confirmed.

Data Feature abides by a strict “No Return, No Refund Policy”, the detailing of which may be examined under the Return policy section of our platform. Furthermore, Data Feature will not be held accountable for any delay in products/service that are a result of force majeure, or due to any other circumstance that Data Feature does not assume control over.

Content License and Website Access:

All clients that complete a purchase will be granted a limited, removable license that will enable them to establish a link to Data Feature. With this license, no misleading image of our platforms/website, its affiliates, or any of the products/services offered by Data Feature. Furthermore, the use of any logos or any other content sourced from Data Feature, will only be allowed to do so with written permission from Data Feature, failure to do so will invite retribution.

The license referred to above does NOT give the client the right to reproduce any content that has been published on Data Feature. Moreover, this license has been designed for personal consumption, and shall in no manner be utilized for commercial purposes of any kind. The use of various data extraction tools, will also be considered a breach of the copyright policy. Any of the aforementioned violations will render the contract null and void, implying that their respective access to any products/services/ our platform will be revoked, and accordingly that given client will be legally penalized.

Product/Service Delivery Time:

An order will only be considered as “placed”, if the payment transaction is successful. Those orders whose respective payments have not been completed within a predetermined timeframe, will be considered as suspended or cancelled. Once an order has been processed and the same is reflected on our database, your requested product/service will be electronically dispatched within the stipulated timeframe of 23-48 hours or two business days.

On the contrary, those clients that wish to receive a hard copy of a given report, will be required to wait for a longer period of time as per the respective postal service protocols of that given country. Data Feature requests its clientele to opt for the electronic version as it is the eco-friendlier option of the two. Moreover, a client can expect to receive a product instantly once processed.

Shipping Charges:

There is NO delivery charge for the electronic disbursement method of a given report that has been purchased through Data Feature. Whereas, if a client wishes to receive a hard copy of a given report by post, an additional charge of $300 will apply. This amount must be paid prior to the order being processed and delivered.

Refund/Return Policy:

Owing to the instantaneously transferrable nature of this product, Data Feature will not entertain any requests for a refund or return. We follow a strict – “Goods once purchased will not be exchanged or returned” policy. If you wish to know more about of Refund Policy, click here.

Indemnity Clause:

Data Feature will not be held responsible for damages, additional fees or charges, or any other circumstances that may arise as a result of a client not adhering to pre-established Terms & Conditions. The onus will fall on that given client or user.


All legal actions that involves Data Feature and a given client will be processed by law under the jurisdiction that governs its website. As such, the respective governing laws of the website’s country of origin will oversee any/all interactions between both parties involved, irrespective of a conflict of interest between the laws that govern the land of either parties.

Data Feature reserves the sole right to make any amendments to its T&Cs. Through the process of visiting our website or reviewing this document, you agree to these aforementioned stipulations. In the event that considerable amendments have been made to these Terms & conditions, Clients will be notified accordingly through appropriate channels. In any other instance, it will remain the sole responsibility of the client to keep themselves abreast with our Terms & Conditions.

Client Rights and Responsibilities:

A client reserves the right to -

- Place an order

- The right to elaborate and clarify any Terms & Conditions of services rendered by Data Feature

- To receive a report or any other additional services

- To order additional products/services

- To cancel an order, prior to it being processed and dispatched as hereby stated

The client shall not place an order with Data Feature, which could result in any violations of the laws that govern that given client’s country of registration, and to not circumvent any established guidelines that hinder Data Feature’s interests in any manner.

Clients must ensure that no part of our generated reports are to be lent, sold, or its confidential data disclosed without prior written permission from Data Feature. Additionally, no report will be reproduced, retained in a retrieval system, or even transmitted in any form/means, i.e., electronically, manually photocopying or recording, etc., without prior written permission from Data Feature.

A client will render Data Feature, at no expense, the right to utilize any information offered by them through our website, and in accordance, Data Feature’s sincere commitment to ensuring all its responsibilities with respect to the offering of any given product or service obtained through our platform.

Data Feature’s Rights and Responsibilities:

Data Feature may cancel, impose, and/or alter – at its own discretion – any fees related to additional services.

Data Feature reserves the right to edit and/or delete any comments, contributions, or other submissions (including orders) made by any user. Should any of these aforementioned submissions/entries violate the terms set by this agreement, or even infringe on any existing laws of a client’s country or that of Data Feature, the same conditions shall be imposed by Data Feature with due regard.

Data Feature hereby agrees to accept, process, and initiate any orders that are placed through its platform, as well as offer additional services to its respective client, subject to payment confirmation. We will duly offer necessary support required to support interactions and mutual transactions between either party, subject to this contract/agreement.

In the event that fees for additional services are imposed/cancelled/altered, Data Feature will notify all concerned clients in advance by making necessary amendments to relevant documents, and by dispatching appropriate notices on our platform.

Data Feature will not disclose any personal information (including email addresses) obtained from clients to any third-parties for the sole purposes of spam prevention.

Liabilities of the Parties:

In the event of any violation or breach of these Terms & Conditions, both parties agree to comply with the legislature imposed in their respective country of registration.

All clients will be held liable for the validity and authenticity of any data submitted to Data Feature with respect to the conformity of applicable legislature of all countries involved (that of the client and Data Feature).

In the event that Data Feature is made aware of any breach of these terms & conditions, we will impose the following sanctions –

- Warnings, as well as website access limitations, and/or platform access termination (*A client will be notified by either email or telephone or both.)

- Data Feature is responsible for any interaction between clients, if and only when we are directly involved in the transaction between a client.

Data Feature will in no way be held accountable for the accuracy and legality of information disclosed by a client, or otherwise distributed through our platform.

Data Feature will not be liable for any payments required to be borne by any of our clients or for any other taxes that may be levied when a report is purchased, or additional services are requested.

Data Feature does not guarantee against the following, provided that certain circumstances are beyond our control: Website operational disruptions, the provision of services is delayed, for any loss of information, data, or images that may stem from our systems, resulting from either hardware and software breakdowns, and/or unfortunate human error. However, Data Feature will make all reasonable efforts to eliminate and delays, or losses.