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Japanese Market Entry Strategy for a Glulam Manufacturer

A manufacturer of glue laminated timber, whose end-goal was to effectively enter the Japanese market, needed accurate and actionable intelligence on modified melamine resin and phenol resorcinol resin applications in this industry, and a strategy that would allow them to gain a foothold in this given market.


Our client was in need of a 360-degree perspective on various market aspects including consumption data, concerned industry players, as well as key factors presently impacting economic growth prospects of this industry.


Post extensive research comprising primary and secondary market studies, Data feature carried out an exhaustive study of modified melamine resin and phenol resorcinol resin, and arrived at a comprehensive set of recommendations for them to focus on, including the most lucrative segments and areas of interest they should most focus on. Data feature also offered our client additional qualitative and quantitative insights to consider, ensuring a successful market entry strategy that enabled them to conclusively enter the Japanese market.



Data feature’s in-depth insights helped our client gain a comprehensive understanding of the Glulam Market in Japan, with a sustainable strategy in-hand to successfully engage this market at an entry-level. With a deeper understanding of modified melamine resin and phenol resorcinol resin applications in this market, our client was able to achieve industry outcomes they aimed to fulfill.